Welcome to Flame to Success!

Welcome!  It is a pleasure to welcome you To Flame to Success, a resource for current and aspiring women business owners ready to transition from woman to entrepreneur. Flame to Success is a national community where entrepreneurial women support each other through conversation, online, event-based networking referrals and purchases. This is how we contribute and […]

What is your Mindset On?

  Your mindset determines your success or failure! How you handle challenges and setbacks! A mindset is a mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.  There are two different types of mindset Fixed mindset – intelligence and talent are fixed at birth Growth mindset – intelligence and talent can go […]

How do You Define Your Success?

When most  people look at Oprah Winfrey, they see a positive, empowering and successful woman.  She has inspired millions of people to live their best lives. She has defined her own success.

Pearls for Girls Mentoring Program!

Flame to Success is contracted with Early Start Development https://www.earlystartdevelopment.org/  Flame to Success is certified and equipped to bring this effective life changing program Pearls for Girls to Atlanta GA.  We support and believe in The P.E.A.R.L.S.  PROGRAM mission – influences females in every area of their life; from character, abstinence, family values, building self-confidence and […]

It’s Time to Be Super Successful!

"Wоuld уоu like mе tо give уоu а formula fоr success? It'ѕ quіtе simple, rеаllу. Double уоur rate оf failure. Yоu аrе thinking оf failure аѕ thе enemy оf success. But іt іѕn't аt аll. Yоu саn bе discouraged bу failure оr уоu саn learn frоm іt, Sо go аhеаd аnd make mistakes. Make аll […]

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