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Welcome!  It is a pleasure to welcome you To Flame to Success, a resource for current and aspiring women business owners ready to transition from woman to entrepreneur. Flame to Success is a national community where entrepreneurial women support each other through conversation, online, event-based networking referrals and purchases. This is how we contribute and become a part of each other’s success.

You are sure to ignite your flame. You are destine to grow and succeed. You have entered a place where authentic women move and breathe success. Your flame will illuminate your success. You will find helpful articles, success stories, resources and training opportunities to keep your flame glowing in success you will experience professional, and personal growth. Are you ready to make the transition? Success in your business and growth awaits you!



Flame to Success newest program that girls, women parents, educators and communities have been seeking to help our girls.  Flame to Success offers a program developed by Dr. Lason Mackey-Hines, CEO of Early Start Development Houston, TX www.earlystartdevelopment.org.  Pearls for Girls mentoring program is different than most mentoring programs because we are passionate about reaching all levels of females from elementary school and up to the professional business women.

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