What is your Mindset On?


Your mindset determines your success or failure! How you handle challenges and setbacks!

A mindset is a mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. 

There are two different types of mindset

  1. Fixed mindset – intelligence and talent are fixed at birth
  2. Growth mindset – intelligence and talent can go up and down.

A women with a fixed mindset can be very emotional constantly trying to regulate herself and the way others see her.  This creates a rigid and difficult woman that is limiting her potential.

A women with a growth mindset is usually hard working, and constantly trying to better herself.  She is a calmer more open-minded woman that is coachable and can reach her fullest potential. Does any of these describe you?

If your mindset is fixed, the first step to take is to open your mind to hear your fixed mindset voice in your head.  It would sound something like this: "Are you sure?, You might make a mistake, You are not smart enough to do that, You can't learn at this point in you life, I told you so".  If you are struggling with your fixed mindset here are some specific behaviors to help you get on the growth mindset.

Monitor your fixed mindset triggers – listen to your inner voice. If you don’t listen to your inner voice it will rule your behaviour in a habitual and non-emotionally intelligent way.

  • If you see someone who is better than you – learn from them
  • If you have a choice between something safe and a challenge – take the challenge
  • If, and when, you hit obstacles, interpret them in a growth mindset way: say to yourself “what can I learn from this and what can I do next?”
  • Realize that a growth mindset is a continual way of lifelong learning – it’s not something you arrive at
  • If someone makes a mistake and you act like it is important or you excuse it and gloss over it in a way that the person takes it as a negative, that person will develop a more fixed mindset. Help them develop more of a growth mindset and say, “let’s move on from this mistake and learn from it – what can you do to make the situation better?”

Remember, developing a growth mindset is a lifelong learning journey of monitoring your trigger points, being self aware, taking on new challenges and never giving up.

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