Pink Zebra Opportunity!


Pink Zebra, one of the newest candle companies in the direct sales industry, invites women everywhere to be part of this business opportunity.  Earn up to commissions on personal sales
and be rewarded with great incentives for building a team and meeting monthly sales goals.  

There is no greater time to join my team than now.  Why? Pink Zebra is at ground zero which
mean demand is greater than the supply of consultants.  Make extra cash to fund your business
dream, help with college expenses, the list goes on.  Only you know your why.  

Company Overview

  • Pink Zebra is in the Top 10 fastest growing Direct Sales Companies
  • Only been in Business 4 years and is still ground floor, approximately 30,000 consultants
  • We are always bringing in new and unique products that are on trend
  • Sprinkles are made of a soft soy blend wax that are 30% stronger than regular was, non-
  • toxic and made in the USA!
  • Awesome compensation plan commissions (25-35%), sponsoring bonus, mentoring, bonus, trips and more.

What more can you ask for? Join my team and you will receive coaching, mentoring, hands on support and vending opportunities to sell your product.

My Personal Pink Zebra Experience

Deciding to become a Pink Zebra consultant was one of the best decision I made that increased my finances.  I knew I needed another stream of income, however I did not know what new business adventure I wanted to take on. When I was introduced to Pink Zebra, I knew this was a great opportunity. The main reason I knew it would work was that I have always love nice smelling scents and the radiant glow from a candle.  The startup was only $99.00 was an affordable startup. I did my research and found out the company was and still is at ground zero.  Certainly, there is plenty of opportunity in a company at ground zero.  I had a launch party, and begin to see the fruits of my labor. While building my team, I discovered many other ways to make a profit from my new business.  I set up my sprinkle bar at weddings, events, festivals, and home parties. Where ever I am with my Pink Zebra Royal Scents people will always say, it smells so good in here. That is my selling point to say “Come over and stick your nose in my business.  I have FREE smells today”.   That is the phrase that got me booked for home parties, sales, relationships, and opportunity.  Who would have ever thought my Pink Zebra Royal Scents business would lead me to becoming the CEO/Founder of Flame to Success.  “Never stop what you start you never know where it will take you.”.

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